I am an educator, designer, and writer. My work lies at the intersection of language, culture, and visual aesthetics.


I am a native Arabic speaker from Kuwait. I have a certificate in Modern Standard Arabic and years of experience teaching Arabic to non-native speakers across a variety of levels. I was a member of LoveArabic, a community-based startup in Toronto, Canada, where I built my own courses.


As a designer, my focus is on Arabic typography and Islamic geometric art. My aim is to modernize Arabic and Islamic design while staying true to their origins.

Abdullah was very helpful in understanding the intricacies of Arabic grammar. He helped me obtain a more comprehensive knowledge of Arabic mechanically, for which I am appreciative. .شكرا جزيلا

— Hannah Lynch

Abdullah was really quick to understand what my learning needs are, and was able to gear the lesson to addressing those needs.

— Adam Shimali

I’ve been learning a lot in my classes with Abdullah so far. He’s a great teacher, and is very knowledgeable about the language-learning process.

— Hubert

The personalized attention and intimate setting allows for a direct learning experience. I found this fruitful in developing my understanding of Arabic. Abdullah provided an attentive environment and was responsive to questions throughout the lessons.

— Brian Chang

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