Square Kufic Calligraphy: الله

In this post, we’re going to draw the word الله. This is a common and easy word yet shows some of the challenges of Square Kufic calligraphy.

A good place to start is by drawing a standard ا, which is seven squares in height, then drawing the two ل’s, which are also seven squares in height each. Once we draw the ه, however, we hit an obstacle, because the ه is much shorter than the other letters.

Here, we have several options.

We can simply extend the ه as such:

This is a common variation of the ه, used to fill vertical space above it.

Another solution is to find a compromise between the height of the ه and that of the other letters. We reduce the height of the other letters by two squares each, and fill the remaining two squares above the ه, which gives us the ه in this shape:

This is another common variation of the ه.

The second solution also allows us make the word a perfect square if we turn the ا sideways and move it to the top:

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