Square Kufic Calligraphy: Changing the Rules, pt. I

Square Kufic calligraphy can be used as a template with which we can be creative. The design we’re going to create in this post uses one of the designs we’ve already created, but we’r going to step out of the confines of Square Kufic calligraphy and change the rules slightly.

This is the design that we’re going to use (which we created in this post):

We’re going to add some curvilinear elements to add variety to the design and make it a bit more dynamic.

Duplicate the design onto a new document.

Draw an arc whose radius is the same size as the length of one unit:

Draw two lines connecting the two ends of the arc to make a quarter circle:

Fill in the shape:

Replace each corner unit with the arc and rotating accordingly:

You can choose to keep some corners as squares. You can also experiment with the rotation. I experimented for a bit and settled on this design:

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